Welcome to Rock Island Gear aka RIG!

Rock Island Gear is a born and bred Newfoundland clothing company.  Established in the winter of 2016, Rock Island Gear (RIG) came to formation when three Newfoundlanders recognized the opportunity to create a product that represented the pride, passion and culture of their people.  Inspiration for the designs came easy as a lifetime of cultural experiences served as the back drop.

The blueprint for Rock Island Gear is simple; provide quality clothing at an affordable price with stylistic designs that reflect the beauty of our people, our province and our humour.  Our designs focus on both province wide themes as well local community designs that provide Newfoundlanders with the opportunity to wear their hometown pride on their sleeve.  The signature “709 State of Mind” slogan was specifically created to represent and emphasize the mindset of the typical Newfoundlander, to show our passion and pride we have for our beautiful province.

The Players

Chris Diamond


Kaywood Elliot


Preston Pardy



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